Ensure your valuable content reaches the right audience, driving brand awareness and generating quality leads

Expand Your Reach. Target Ideal Buyers. Boost Awareness. Generate High Quality Leads.

Pivotal B2B's innovative Content Syndication service is your laser-focused growth engine designed to attract ideal buyers by showcasing your most valuable content such as whitepapers , eBooks, Infographics, Reports, Webinars, Videos, and Guides to your Ideal Buyers

Start Attracting Ideal Prospects with Your Best Content

How Pivotal Content Syndication Can Help?

Boost Brand Awareness and Demand

Expand your reach to a massive audience, and establish your brand as a thought leader within your industry. Educate your buyers about the problem your solution solves.

Generate High Quality Leads and Pipeline

Go Beyond Reach: Generate High Quality Leads and Qualified Pipeline from your Content Syndication Campaigns.

Flexible Pricing & Cost-Effective Solution

Enjoy complete control with our flexible Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) pricing model, aligned with your specific target audience and campaign features.

Take Advantage of Pivotal B2B Content Syndication Options

Flexible pricing based on your target audience criteria & the features you incorporate into your campaign

ABM Content Syndication

Pinpoint your ideal accounts with our ABM strategies, placing your content directly in front of key decision-makers.

Triple Verified Contact Info

Gain access to triple-verified contact information, ensuring your message reaches the right people at the right time.

Granular Targeting

Go beyonds demographics. Leverage demographic, firmographic, and technographic targeting to reach the precise audience primed for your offerings.

Interactive Content

Uncover valuable insights and understand your buyer's pain points and specific needs with interactive content formats, maximizing engagement and lead capture potential.

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