Generate high-quality leads that fuel your growth.
Empower your sales team with overflowing opportunities that convert.

Our Approach to Building a Thriving Sales Pipeline

Attract, Engage, Convert Your Ideal Buyers Faster and Smarter!


Pinpoint Your Perfect Customer

Harness the power of our Massive Audience Reach and advanced targeting capabilities to zero in on the companies and decision-makers most receptive to your solutions.
  • Target Accounts List (Account-Based Marketing)
  • Demographic & Firmographic Filters
  • Technographic Insights
  • Intent Insights


Content that Connects: Attract, Engage, and Captivate

Captivate your dream customers with high-impact, multichannel, and personalized content promotion campaigns that highlight your expertise and educate buyers about the problems they might have and how your solutions can solve them.

Content Formats:

  • Compelling eBooks & Webinars
  • Informative Solution Briefs & White Papers
  • Powerful Case Studies & Research Reports


Fuel Your Sales Engine: Generate Qualified Leads & Build a Powerful Pipeline

No more waiting for qualified leads to emerge. Our proven approach accelerates the process of generating overflowing qualified opportunities, allowing your sales team to close deals faster and achieve their goals.
  • Increase Qualified Opportunities
  • Empower Your Sales Team
  • Improve Sales Conversions
  • Shortens Sales Cycle

Scalable Solutions & Flexible Pricing

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your growth strategies, adapting to your evolving needs. Choose a cost-effective plan with flexible Cost-Per-Lead pricing based on your target audience and campaign features.

Pinpoint Opt-in Leads

Identify and engage with highly receptive and triple verified prospects who precisely match your ideal customer profile and have already shown interest in your solutions and are ready to hear from your sales team.

Key Advantages:

  • Qualified Leads & Pipeline
  • Improved Conversion Rates
  • Greater Compliance
  • Cost-Effective

Strategic Content Syndication

Ensure your valuable content reaches the right audience, driving brand awareness and generating high-quality leads.

Key Advantages:

  • Massive Audience & Precision Targeting
  • Boost Brand Awareness
  • Qualified Leads & Pipeline
  • Increased Conversions

Smart Audience Events

Transform your events to a lead generation powerhouse. We craft strategic campaigns to attract and register your ideal audience for impactful webinars and hybrid events.

Key Advantages:

  • Massive Audience & Precision Targeting
  • Multi-channel Campaigns
  • Boost Registrations & Attendance
  • Qualified Leads & Pipeline

Advanced Lead Qualification

Filter, qualify, and prioritize leads based on comprehensive criteria, ensuring your sales team focuses on prospects with the greatest conversion potential.

Key Advantages:

  • Unlock Powerful Insights
  • Focus on High-Potential Leads
  • Improved Sales Efficiency
  • Increased Conversion Rates

Strategic Partnership, Measurable Results: Why Choose Pivotal B2B?

Pivotal transcends the traditional role of a marketing vendor, emerging as your strategic ally in propelling growth.

Massive Reach, Precision Audience Targeting

No more scattershot marketing. We leverage advanced targeting to pinpoint your ideal customers, from firmographics and technographics to intent data and account-based marketing. You get massive global reach with laser precision.

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Impactful Campaigns, High Value Pipeline

Forget scattershot marketing. We craft precision campaigns that dominate the right channels – email, telemarketing, form fills, you name it. We are not interested in fleeting brand awareness only. Our focus is laser-sharp: generating a steady stream of highly qualified leads actively searching for solutions like yours.

Compliance with a Conscience

We handle B2B data privacy with expertise, ensuring your marketing efforts are compliant and building trust that fosters long-term relationships.

Efficiency, and Transparency: The Pivotal B2B Promise

We champion efficiency, striving to minimize your overall marketing expenditure. More importantly, we deliver a high return on investment (ROI) with tangible results. We prioritize transparency at every stage of our engagement, giving you the insight you deserve.

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Client Testimonials

  • They ran an email marketing campaignfor me that generated leads from tier one accounts. They understood our ICP and delivered! Thanks to entire team at Pivotal B2B for your help!
    Samantha PlaterotiSales and Marketing Manager, ReachDesk
  • Pivotal B2B is very competent in direct marketing campaigns and is an excellent motivation for their clients. Moreover, Pivotal B2B operates with the utmost integrity in their commitments and communications. They are an excellent resource to have.
    Grant BentleyStrategic Account Director, InsideUp
  • I have worked with Pivotal B2B for over two years and they have always been a reliable partner to work with. All deliveries were on time and always scored on the top of our quality scale. Pivotal B2B is a reliable and professional company that never over-promises or under-delivers but instead sets the appropriate expectations.
    Sven M. BannuscherOperations Vice President, Slashdot Media
  • I have worked with Pivotal B2B for nearly 2 years. Their work is absolutely excellent. The data they supplied us with was accurate, current, and precise, and their pricing is very budget-friendly. Pivotal B2B themselves are consummate professionals - courteous, prompt, helpful, reliable, and conscientious . We love working with Pivotal B2B and their team and would recommend them very highly.
    Kitty KoldingChief Executive Officer, Raisonance Group of Companies
  • Timely & Thorough are phrases that come to mind when I think about my engagements with Pivotal B2B & their assigned teams. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pivotal B2B for a couple of years now as we've engaged in multiple projects relating to B2B demand generation. Lately, we engage heavily on data procurement which is a need for all of our customers & vendors. Pivotal team has deep experience and knows with accuracy what can and cannot be done, with timings and pricings of each. We know what to expect from Pivotal B2B and that's worth its weight in gold to our organization.
    Gina McMurryCo-Founder, 2x Connect2x

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